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Brian C. Donnelly

  • Age: 67
  • Born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Father to 2 Daughters
  • Lives in Ocala on 10 Acre Farm
  • Graduate Franklin Institute Of Technology – Architectural Engineering
  • Attended NC State School Of Design
  • Designed & Built Homes
  • Elected 3 times as a Planning Official In Massachusetts
  • Passed Master Plan, Zoning & Subdivision Rules & Regulations
  • Traveled to over 75 Countries
  • Operated the Largest Mixed Waste Recycling Facility in the USA
  • First to Meet Minnesota Class 1 Compost Standards
  • Pioneered First Environmental Component to Olympic Games
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Invented World’s Largest organic Vertical Growing Systems
  • Voted top 100 Sustainable Groups in the world
  • Assisted Lofton High School Win the Golden Shovel Award
  • Global Goodwill Ambassador
  • Carved an all-wooden Carousel by Hand
  • Musician/Songwriter, Pilot, Master Woodworker
  • Assisted over 20 Countries with Environmental/Sustainability Issues
  • Served Towns, Cities, Counties, Countries and Companies
  • Former Rotarian, Member of CEP
  • Over 570 Linkedin Business Endorsements
  • Career Extensively Covered in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Nutrition. Music

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